April 5th Congregational Update

Please view the video above for updates on our quiet time series, Easter week services and our Covid-19 Benevolence Fund.

Covid-19 Benevolence Fund

We’ve established a special fund to help our members experiencing hardship. To donate, see our giving page.

Easter Week Quiet Time Series

We’ve prepared a five-day quiet time series to help us prepare spiritually and emotionally so we’re ready to celebrate and appreciate Easter in a fitting way. Download here.

Ministry Center Updates

DeKalb — Live-streaming worship services on Sunday Morning. See DeKalb’s Facebook page.

Metro — See updates on Metro’s Facebook page. Recorded lessons (including in Spanish) here.

Midpoint (Western Suburbs) — Get updates on Midpoint’s Facebook page. See Facebook or Midpoint’s YouTube channel for recorded worship services.

North — Recorded lessons here. Stay connected on North’s Facebook page (closed group, request to join).

Northwest Indiana — See the NW Indiana Church Facebook page (closed group, request to join) for info on services and to stay connected.

Southland — Updates are on the Southland Facebook page and Southland’s info website. Recorded lessons here.