Looking for a Church?

A Church for Everyone

No matter your cultural background, economic status or zip code, we think you’ll find our diversity and love for one another sets us apart!


For us, the bible is the center of everything we believe and do.  We look to God’s words to direct us through Scriptures and His Spirit.

Eight Locations

On Sundays we’ve got Chicagoland covered! Plus, during the week we have bible discussion groups in almost every Chicago neighborhood and suburb.

Your Spiritual Home

Just moved to Chicago? Or, perhaps, looking for direction through life’s challenges? We want to welcome you and offer you a place to grow spiritually!

Suburban Locations




Oak Park


Tinley Park

City Locations

Downtown Chicago

Chicago’s South Side

Upcoming Events

Your chance to join with thousands of disciples in fellowship, inspiration and teaching is coming up this summer at he World Discipleship Summit. The event will be held in Orlando and is for families, singles, campus students, leader and more! Visit the conference website for specific dates, registration and answers to your questions.

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously,
and he will give you everything you need.
Matthew 6:33

Life Ministries

Since 1982 we’ve had the opportunity to help thousands of Chicagoans grow in their faith. We’ve found that the journey often begins with an understanding that each person has their own story. Our various life ministries can help you and your family get connected quickly and in a natural way.

  • Children and Teens

    We place the highest value in raising our kids and teens to know the Father and walk with his Son. We have 11 full-time ministers dedicated to training those in high school and younger.

  • Campus Students

    We have active and engaged campus students at over 20 Chicagoland colleges and universities.

  • Singles

    Our singles ministry is for the young—as well as young at heart—who wish to use their gifts to serve God and have meaningful relationships with other Christian men and women.

  • Married

    The married members of our church enjoy fellowship, and spiritual and marital strengthening in our “House Church” gatherings. These are typically hosted in members’ homes on a weeknight. We have House Churches in nearly every Chicago neighborhood and suburb.

The Chicago Church of Christ is a congregation affiliated with the global body of churches known as the International Churches of Christ. With sisters and brothers around the world we are united in our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.