James Becknell Nathan Thompson - February 28, 2019

Episode #13: The Making of a Covenant People

Dry Ground Podcast

Welcome to episode 13. We are going to spend our time with you today talking about the mount Sinai experience. In this pivotal moment in the story of Israel God establishes his covenant with them and they receive the Ten Commandments (aka The Decalogue). The below resources are essential to the development of this podcast. I have especially relied on Nahum Sarna's Exploring Exodus for this episode.

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Hello and welcome to the Dry Ground Podcast. My name is James Becknell and along with my friend Nathan Thompson we want to invite you to spend some time with us exploring the Scriptures to question what it had to say to its original audience and to see how we can apply it to our lives today. We think the Bible is amazing and wonderful! We are convinced that it guides us into a deep and abiding relationship with God. We also believe that it exposes us to who Jesus really is, what he’s like and why he wants to have a relationship with us. We are here to take this journey through the Bible with you and engage in a dialog with each and every one of you.

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