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Parenting Class: Talking to Your Kids About Sex

February 26 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Weekend Overview

In less than two weeks we have the honor of bringing in Tim & Dr. Jennifer Konzen to lead two incredible workshops for our Youth & Family Ministries!

Here are the two classes the Konzens will be teaching:

  • Crucial Conversations: Talking to Your Kids about Sex – 7-9 pm on Friday, February 26
    • This class is for parents of kids ages nursery to 18
    • The class will be 90 minutes of content with some movement breaks and interactive portions sprinkled throughout, plus a Q&A session at the end
  • Redeemed Sexuality (Teen Class) – 7-9 pm on Saturday, February 27
    • This class is for high schoolers and is co-ed–the Konzens will teach everyone together for a time and then split up guys/girls for a time
    • The class will consist of two 40-45-minute sessions with a break in the middle and a Q&A session at the end

Crucial Conversations (Parent Class) – Friday 7:00 p.m.

Talking openly and honestly about sexuality within our families sets the stage for a healthier development of sexuality throughout childhood and adolescence, especially in Christian households where we are teaching the virtue of purity. This workshop by Tim and Dr. Jennifer Konzen details God’s plan for sexuality, what influences the development of sexuality, and how to have those sticky, important conversations with our children of all ages about such a vulnerable topic. Areas covered will include:

  • God’s view of sexuality
  • Sexual Development
  • Negative Events in Psychosexual Development
  • “The Talk”
  • Challenging topics: Pornography, Masturbation, and Same-sex Attraction
  • Purity and Holiness
  • Great Conversations

This online class will take place on Friday, February 26 from 7:00-9:00 p.m.

How To Attend

The Zoom link will be sent through regular Youth & Family Ministry communications on Wednesday, February 24. For more information, or to get the link to attend, contact your Youth and Family leader or Mike/Kristen Balzer at mbalzer@chicagochurch.org or kbalzer@chicagochurch.org

Should I Attend? Should My Teen Attend?

The Youth & Family Staff understand that there can be hesitancy around attending or sending your kids to attend classes like this—is church the right place to be talking about these subjects? According to Tim and Jennfier, the answer is ABSOLUTELY! Kids are learning about sex and sexuality from worldly sex-ed classes and hearing friends discuss it in a worldly manner at school, so it is vital for the church to be able to provide them with a corrected picture of God’s plan for sex and sexuality and create safe spaces for them to ask their questions. The Konzens have given and refined these workshops over the last decade and have seen the good fruit that comes from having healthy dialogue on this topic–stronger parent-teen relationships as well as teens who are more confident, secure in their faith, and equipped to embrace a pure lifestyle because it’s their conviction, and not just their parents’.
If you do have any concerns and are on the fence about sending your teen to the Saturday night class, attending the Friday night parenting class will help give you a lot of clarity on the nature of the class, the Konzens’ convictions and level of tact, and what they will be covering and why. Also, you can feel free to contact Mike & Kristen Balzer (Metro Youth & Family Ministers) at mbalzer@chicagochurch.org or kbalzer@chicagochurch.orgthey are our point people for these workshops and can help answer more specific questions.

Guest Speakers

The Konzens are faithful disciples with decades of parenting and shepherding experience, but not only that–they are experts in the field of sexual development. Tim and Jennifer give their Redeemed Sexuality & Parenting workshops around the world and will be providing great teaching on how families can navigate this complex but critically important subject. Sexual development is one of the most central aspects of adolescence but also one that teens and parents can be most nervous to talk about with each other. The Konzens are able to teach with sensitivity, conviction, and levity and we are so grateful to be able to bring them in to instruct and guide us!

There is no couple in our churches more qualified to come and speak to us on these topics! Tim and Jennifer are disciples in the San Diego Church and serve as shepherds over the Youth & Family ministry there. They have raised four children and Tim is a long-standing Deacon in the church. Dr. Jennifer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist, and is the Director of The Center for Sexuality at Point Loma Nazarene University. She is an award-winning, internationally recognized researcher and therapist in her field. Tim and Jennifer have co-authored the books “Redeemed Sexuality” (written for teens, campus, and singles) and “The Art of Intimate Marriage” and give sensitive, inspiring, funny, and practical workshops around the world to help students and parents with growing in their understanding and communication about these important topics. It will be a treat to learn from them!

Watch this two-minute video to hear the Konzens introduce themselves and this workshop.


February 26
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


February 26
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm