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Discover Camp (Grades 5-7 in Fall)

July 25 - July 31

Grades 5-7
Next School Year

July 25-31

Grades 8-9
Next School Year

July 18-24

Grades 10+
Next School Year

July 11-17


Our Discover Camp is for all incoming 5th, 6th and 7th graders. At Discover, we will teach and inspire our pre-teens about the big picture of the Bible and God’s amazing plans to “RECONCILE” all of us back to himself. We will discover much about how to be friends with God the Father, Jesus our brother, and each other! The Discover camp is like nowhere else as pre-teens from all over the Midwest come together for a week of fun, friendship building, memory making and, of course, a little bit of camp craziness! Remember, camp will be running at only 50% of capacity this year so please register early!

Pandemic Precautions

As we’ve prepared for this summer’s camp, we’ve carefully considered how to create a safe environment for the campers, volunteers and staff in light of the ongoing pandemic. With consultation of CDC guidelines, Illinois regulations and input from an advisory team of medical professionals we have developed the following precautions for this year’s camp:

  • To attend camp, campers must either
    • Be fully vaccinated (includes two-week post-vaccine period). You must show proof of vaccination.
    • Have a PCR Covid test with negative results about four days prior to camp (we suggest you get the test the Wednesday before camp to insure you get your results back in time). You must show proof of negative results. Rapid test results will not be accepted.
  • All riders on the bus must wear face masks (this is the same as on airlines, etc)
  • Masks are required when inside buildings at camp (except sleeping cabins)
  • Campers who show symptoms of Covid (determined by Nurse on site), will be quarantined and a covid test will be performed
    • If test is negative or if symptoms subside, the camper will be rejoin camp activities
    • If test is positive or campers symptoms persist, camper’s parent will be notified and camper will be quarantined until parents pick them up
    • Parents of all campers will be notified in case of positive covid test or if a child is sent home because of probable covid infection 
    • Any camper with long term/unmasked contact with infected camper will be monitored till the end of camp and parents will be notified
  • Full refunds will be offered to any camper who cannot attend due to Covid-19 concerns or other medical reasons.

Our desire is for all campers to enjoy camp and enjoy it safely. Please pray for camp. Also please do your best from now until camp to keep your child with friends known to be healthy.


The cost is $375 (plus $15 for bus transportation for Chicago campers).

Drop Off & Pick Up

Late arrival (past 6:00 p.m. on Sunday) or early dismissal from camp (i.e. family vacation, sports, etc.) will not be permitted without prior approval from the Camp Director. Contact camp@chicagochurch.org for more information.

For kids taking the bus to/from Chicago:

  • Drop-Off:  Sunday, July 25 at 1:00 p.m., Church Office, 755 IL Route 83, Bensenville
  • Pick-Up:  Saturday, July 31 at 12:30 p.m., Church Office, 755 IL Route 83, Bensenville

For kids not taking the bus:

  • Drop-Off: Sunday, July 25 at 3:30 p.m., Rock River Christian Camp, 16486 IL-64, Polo
  • Pick-Up: Saturday, July 31 at 10:30 a.m., Rock River Christian Camp, 16486 IL-64, Polo

Pre-Camp Meeting—June 26

A recording of this meeting is available here.

As camp gets closer, we understand that parents and campers may have questions about camp goals, schedule, expectations, Covid-19 safety, etc.

  • Who: All registered campers and their parents
  • When: This meeting will be held virtually on Saturday, June 26 beginning at 10:00 a.m.

This meeting will discuss recent changes to to our Covid-19 mitigations. We strongly encourage parents and campers attend this meeting.


Camp couldn’t exist without a team of dedicated Christians who sacrifice a week of time and energy to be with our young campers.  Serving as a counselor isn’t easy as it involves a high level of responsibility, a demanding schedule and can be emotionally taxing.  However, it is very rewarding knowing you are helping today’s youth grow into tomorrow’s faithful men and women. There is no cost for camp counselors.

A teen who wishes to serve as a counselor must be 16 years old and be a disciple for at least six months.  There are a limited number of teen counselor positions available.

If you are ready to serve complete the online Youth Camp Counselor Application.

What to Bring

Each year hundreds of items are lost at camp.  Please LABEL EVERYTHING and consider not sending expensive or irreplaceable items with your child.

  • Results of your Covid-19 test taken July 21 or later. Or proof of your full vaccination two weeks prior to the start of camp. Negative test results or proof of vaccination are required to attend camp.
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Ten sets of clothes (some nice, most grubby!)
  • Strapless tops, racer back tanks that expose undergarments, and spaghetti strap tops are not allowed at camp.  Straps must be at least two fingers wide.
  • Jeans and a sweatshirt (it gets chilly at night)
  • Rain jacket (optional)
  • Bathing suit (one-piece or tankini for the girls)
  • Two or three towels (for the bath house and pool)
  • At least two pairs of shoes
  • Flip-flop sandals for the bathhouse (optional)
  • Toiletries (shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Medications (in original bottles).  Over-the-counter medications taken for occasional use (pain relievers, etc.) are stocked in the Camp Health Office, so please do not send them with your camper.  Over-the-counter medications taken on a regular schedule (daily allergy medications, etc.) SHOULD be sent with your camper in the original packaging.
  • Trash bag — clearly labeled with camper’s name — for dirty or wet clothing returning home
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • 5-10 disposable face masks
  • Bible, notebook, pens
  • Flashlight (optional)
  • Small sack to carry Bible (optional)
  • Inexpensive/disposable camera (optional)

What NOT to Bring to Camp

  • Over-the-counter medications taken for occasional use (pain relievers, etc.).  These are stocked in the Camp Health Office.
  • Candy, food, gum, etc. (No food of any kind is allowed in cabins)
  • Money
  • Cellphone — Campers who bring a cellphone must turn it in at the designated time on Sunday. Phones found in possession of campers will be collected and returned by the end of August once a $25 return fee has been paid.
  • Electronics (game system, iPod, etc.)
  • Expensive cameras

Keep In Touch During Camp

As camp gets underway, check these links for pictures, video and more!

Campers love to get mail and small packages! However, food, drinks and candy items cannot be sent to campers. If you would like to send mail to your child during camp, address it to:

Rock River Christian Camp
Attn: Child’s Name
16486 Illinois 64 West
Polo, IL  61064

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions you will be agreeing to upon registration are as follows:

  1. I understand the Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss any camper whose behavior or attitude is disruptive to the welfare of the camp. No refund will be given in the event of dismissal. It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange transportation for early dismissal.
  2. I understand the Camp Health Officer reserves the right to dismiss any camper for medical conditions he/she deems necessary. It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange transportation for early dismissal.
  3. I understand that all medicines (i.e. prescriptions & over–the–counter drugs) are to be turned over to the Camp Health Officer at the beginning of camp. I am aware that the Camp Health Officer oversees the administration of medications. The staff will do their best to remind my child to take his/her medications, but it is not the responsibility of the camp staff to remind my child to visit the Camp Health Officer.
  4. I give my permission for the Camp Health Officer to administer over–the–counter medications to my child as deemed necessary.
  5. I am aware that my child is responsible for his/her personal belongings. It is not the responsibility of the Church to find or return any belongings that are left or lost at camp.
  6. In order to provide the best and safest camp experience each camper gives up the right to have his or her bag and/or belongs searched if the camp director or village director feels it’s necessary for any reason.
  7. I understand I cannot visit my child at camp.
  8. I give my child permission to participate in potentially dangerous activities at camp such as swimming, paintball and zip line.  I will not hold Rock River Christian Camp, its employees, agents or officers liable for injuries sustained at camp.
  9. Should it be necessary for my child to receive medical attention/treatment, I hereby give my consent for a qualified physician to perform any medical or surgical procedures he/she deems necessary to the welfare of my child.  It is also understood that the staff or counselors and medical personnel will make every attempt to contact parents/guardians when taking any such actions.  Further, this authorization permits said physician to hospitalize, secure appropriate consultation, order injections, anesthesia (local, general or both) or surgery for my child if such emergency conditions warrant.
  10. I also give permission for the person(s) leading or directing these activities to use their best judgment to otherwise render any assistance (i.e. First Aid, CPR, etc.) to my child in the event of injury or illness.
  11. I understand that the Chicago Church of Christ or any person(s) leading or directing these activities has no insurance coverage for medical or hospital costs for my child, which are associated with injury or illness occurring in the course of these activities (unless the child is already a covered dependent under the church’s employee health plan). Therefore, any costs incurred for such medical attention/treatment shall be my sole responsibility.
  12. I understand that my child is attending camp at our own risk and will not hold Rock River Christian Camp or the Chicago Church of Christ responsible if my child contracts Covid-19.
  13. I release the Chicago Church of Christ to use any photographs or video of my child taken at camp for the website, social media or for promotional purposes.


Camp registration has ended for this year.

Registration begins April 4, 2021. Registration ends June 27, 2021.

If the camp shows as “sold out” and you’d like to be put on a waiting list, contact us at camp@chicagochurch.org.



If you have questions about camp, please email us at camp@chicagochurch.org.


July 25
July 31
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Rock River Christian Camp
16486 IL-64
Polo, IL 61064 United States
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July 25
July 31
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Rock River Christian Camp
16486 IL-64
Polo, IL 61064 United States
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