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Chicago Ministry Center Staff

Maurice and Sissy Charles

Maurice and Sissy Charles:  Maurice and Sissy serve as the campus ministry leaders of the downtown campuses. They both became disciples in February of 2008 while studying at UIC. They were married in August of 2011 and now enjoy the experience of being newly weds, while ministering to students at UIC, SXU, Roosevelt, Columbia, DePaul, Harold Washington, IIT, SAIC, Northwestern, and UoC.

Dave and Kathy Eastman Dave and Kathy Eastman:  Dave & Kathy were baptized in the late 1970's through the work of campus ministries in Gainesville, Florida and Muncie, Indiana. They were married in 1983, and are the parents of three children – Jennifer, Kyle, and Stephanie. Jennifer and her husband Kyle Fix live and work in Atlanta, Georgia. Kyle and his wife Kristin serve in the campus ministry in Gainesville, Florida, and Stephanie is in college, also in Gainesville. After serving for almost 25 years in ministries all over the US and Canada, Dave & Kathy were excited to move back to the Midwest and be added to the Chicago team in July of 2006. After settling in to Chicago, Kathy enrolled in the School of Social Work at Loyola University, receiving her Master's of Social Work in 2009. Dave and Kathy serve as the leaders of the Central Ministry Center, with Dave also serving as the Congregational Worship Leader. He has published two books: That You May Believe: Reflections on Science and the Miracles of Jesus and Life-Changing Worship: Restoring the Spirit of Biblical Praise.
Mike and Terry London

Michael and Terry London:  Michael and Terry currently reside on the south side of Chicago. Michael was baptized in February 1996 and Terry was baptized in August 1994 - in the South Region Ministry. They both served in the singles ministry until they were united in marriage in 2000. God has blessed them with one son, JonMichael who is currently 8 years old. Both Mike and Terry have an incredible passion for God's purpose, people and all who God will call to hear his Word.

Antoine & Charlene Wills

Antoine and Charlene Wills:  Charlene and Antoine Wills were both baptized in February of 1997. Charlene was a part of the Nairobi Church of Christ in Kenya while Antoine was studying at DePaul University as a part of the Downtown Campus Ministry. They met in 2008 and were married in Nairobi Kenya in 2010. In 2011 Charlene moved to Chicago and soon after they began assisting with the teen ministry. In June of 2014 Antoine left his job so they can begin working in the full time ministry. They are currently leading the teen ministry in the Chicago Ministry Center.

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