Our Boundaries - Bible Study Workshop

2008 Boundaries Workshop

Who is My Brother?

Steve Staten
Steve Staten
Over the centuries the concept of who belongs to Christ’s Church has been ransacked by various men and agendas. The New Testament concept of “one body” seems beyond reach. Many ask, ‘Where do we draw lines without excluding some of Christ’s disciples?’

This Bible study will cover great anchors for disciples to make sure they are in a safe place in His body. And God’s Word give soundings for navigating past the sandbars of inclusivism, sharp rocks of exclusivism and the hidden reefs of pluralism. In simple words, you must be careful on defining who’s in, who’s not and how God’s design holds it all together?

But He Must Belong to the Lord

Tony Singh
Tony Singh

For the Christian who wants to marry, choosing a lifelong mate is likely the single most important decision that one will ever make. For Christians there is no ‘divorce to get out of this mistake free card’. Join us for a study on what “belonging to the Lord” means, how to choose a mate and wisdom in reaching out to the opposite sex.

An article written by Dave Eastman, Christian Dating, is also available for deeper study on this subject.

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